It's quite an interesting "back and forth" over giving away Hobika's money - a daily contest on the Keeler Show at 7:35 am where listeners get to compete to win between $100 and $500 by answering a simple trivia question. Honestly, they're not all easy - but there are always clues on-air and questions from the news cycle that always make the questions "winnable" even though one only gets 7 seconds to answer.

I thought I'd thumb through some of the recent questions, which often times leave us with a little extra knowledge about local and regional history.

On Thursday the jackpot was $400 and we learned there's are 7 places in the world known as Blue Zones where there's a high concentration of people over the age of 100. There's actually a documentary series streaming currently called "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones" on Netflix. This question, which the contestant didn't answer correctly, identified the fact that one of those Blue Zones is in the United States, in Loma Linda, California. The reason the question was "doable" is because 5 minutes before, we mentioned that the community of some 9,000 Adventists in Loma Linda boasts a much longer life expectancy. For the record, Adventists are vegetarians, they don't drink or smoke and they regularly exercise.

Earlier in the week, we asked, "What company did Seamless eventually become. The answer is Greg Hub.

Here are a few questions I particularly enjoyed:

This US President installed audio recording equipment throughout the White House to record conversations.  President John F. Kennedy

He died in 2020, and locally, he was “Good Enough to Dream” Who is he?  Roger Kahn (Who wrote about the 1983 Utica Blue Sox)

When Hotel Utica first opened, which US President spent the night there?  William Howard Taft (Attended the funeral of US VP and Utica native James Sherman in 1912.)

Before SNL and the Tonight Show, as a student, what college town did Jimmy Fallon party in?  Albany College of St. Rose

The game Lotto dating back to the 1500’s, eventually became what popular game of chance in America? Bingo

Often times, the question we ask comes directly from something we spoke about earlier in the morning, so the fact is - it pays to listen.

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