Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We discuss the heat and the weather from last night and today. Jeff was really sweating yesterday trying to mow his lawn before he goes away for the weekend.

- Kristine gives a warning about lighting striking and if it is lightning, seek shelter. Three workers.

- We talk about a 92 year old man who is selling his glove autographed by Yankee legend Lou Gehrig. He is expecting $200,000-$300,000 for the glove.

- We discuss the sports memorabilia world and how it's changed.


- We talk about the differences between the North and South pole and the odds of getting struck by lightning and getting mauled by a bear.

- Andrew and Intern Ed get in a little scuff about the habitat of polar bears.


- A program is in place in order to help teen violence in Chicago. They are giving free Yoga classes.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

Tammy - Melissa McCarthy loses her job and goes on a epic adventure.

Earth to Echo - A cute alien comes to Earth and enlists the help of some kids.  We called this ET in my day.

Deliver Us From Evil - An NYPD officer works with a priest to fight demons in New York City.

Before you go to the movies make sure you go to

Ed Welsh - AAA

- Before we get to Ed, we took a call from Malcolm and he talked about his son who is in the military and his son was a speaker for a Memorial Day speaker. This was a very touching call about his son.

- Ed talks about an increased number of travelers this holiday weekend and they don't mind using credit to do it.

- Gas prices are higher and the average age is about 11 years old.

- Ed talks about the value of the dollar and the production of oil in American and the Middle East's influence on the oil industry. 

Hassan Giordano - Immigration Issue

- The President has always been tough on illegal immigration and yet he's kicking the can down the road until the next President comes in to power.

- We talk about the parents in Mexico sending their children into the country.

- Even though we can sympathize with the families, this is ILLEGAL and we need to crack down on it.


- We want to wish Ruth Cohen a Happy Birthday (for the 4th) she wins the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.


- Boilermaker is less than two weeks away and Classified and Robert Channing are teaming up for a concert the night before.

- Ed the Intern gives us a World Cup update.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

- Craft Beer of the Week is the Saranac "Can-Do" pack. It is a combo of Saranac Pale Ale, Legacy IPA, and the Wild Hop Pils (the official beer of the Boilermaker).

- We discuss the benefits of beer in a can and how New York is becoming one of the top notch Craft Beer manufacturer.

- We discuss Naegele's Boilermaker training.


- The economic report has come out and over 200,000 jobs have been added nationwide.

- Tom calls in to talk about Wall Street and Independence Day.


- Flags given away in our VIP Club are made in America.