Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Today we will talk to The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg. We also talk with Lt. Steve Hauck about the incident of the bullets going through the woman's ceiling, and we play a new contest called The Music Game.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Jim Boeheim INTENDS to retire after three more seasons at Syracuse, but Bill believes he may stay longer. Athletic Director Daryl Gross is getting a little bump as well, even though he's resigned from his post. Stefan also calls up to complain about the CENTRO cuts.

Gurnal Scott - FOX News Correspondent

- We talk to Gurnal about the New Jersey Air Force Vet who has plead not guilty for terrorism charges. He's being accused of having ties to ISIS.


- We continue discussing the CENTRO problem and concerns some people in the city have with the cuts to the services. Ray Stagich also delivers his Weather Channel forecast.


- At the South Carolina National Security Action Summit a woman accused Obama of wanting to nuke South Carolina. She wants Obama out of the White House and she's blaming Rick Santorum.

Scott Flansburg - The Human Calculator

- We talk about Glenn Beck and his wanting to leave the NRA and the Conservative/Republican party differences. Then we speak with a true genius, Scott Flansburg, who is the human calculator. He races Bill's calculator and wins huge! He is going to try and set another Guinness World Record! Find more details on Scott by visiting his website http://thehumancalculator.comScott also talk about an app he has and how he is helping kids with their school work.


- OJ Simpson is in a battle with a white supremacist because he cut the man in line, Jim Boeheim intends to retire, and Bill feels there is important emphasis on the word INTENDS. Jim Rondenelli calls up to give us an update on the City Budget and the council meeting last night?

The Music Game

- We play a new contest called the Music Game! Bill from Waterville is our contestant. Bill plays a song and either Jeff, Kristine, or Andrew has to guess who sings it. The contestant has to guess if we will get it.

Kate Delaney - Award Winning Sports Broadcaster

- Kate is on to talk a little Syracuse basketball and the future of Jim Boeheim and she gives us her tips on how to have the best NCAA bracket.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- We talk to Lt. Hauck about the incident on Wall St. in Cornhill where they executed a "No-Knock" search warrant and had to kill a dog. He also addresses the bullets that went through the ceiling of the neighbors apartment.


- We continue to speak with Lt. Hauck about the incident the other day and we have a listener call up to talk about the firearms aspect of the story. Lt. Hauck talks about the reasons and benefits for the "No-Knock" search warrant.

The Music Game Part 2

- Steve from Utica is the contestant and we play The Music Game with actual songs from the 60s this time.