Thursday, March 26th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- What is it like living in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in America? We speak with Tonya J. Powers (FNR) who is living and working still in New York City.

- Utica Mack is still open for business. Tom Heiland talks with us about what they're still able to do and how they're open to help repair several municipality vehicles.

7 AM Hour

- Chuck from Daylight Donuts has a pretty cool offer on the purchasing of gift certificates. He explains!

- How are things going in the City of Rome? We speak with Mayor Jackie Izzo about how things are going there?

- Dr. Kent Hall has been a Rock Star throughout the COIVD crisis and we get another update from him on what's new with this virus we're learning more about every day.

8 AM Hour

- Another doctor that has been helpful and knowledgeable through all this is Dr. Richard Chmielewski of the Falcon Clinic. He continues to provide at-home stuff you can do to boost immune systems.

- The guys from Big Apple Music are always doing big things for the community and now they're involved with music donations for school kids. Mark Bolos calls in and fills us in on what he's doing?

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