Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

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Hometown of the Day: Cooperstown
Newsmaker of the Day: President Obama
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***Today’s Topics***


- President Obama will be in Cooperstown today.

- Reality Show discussion ensued and we talked about what the original reality show was. There was Survivor, Real World, and - of course - American Idol.

- Utica's Common Council votes to send Stewart's issue to a public hearing. The rumor was the Council was going to vote down the proposed site, but now the people will have another say.

- Bill feels there are too many stupid arguments in regards to the Stewart's Shop including, "The Stewart's Shop is unsafe for kids" and "We already have a gas station in the area."


- Bill reiterates his gripe, Stupidity, in regards to the arguments against the Stewart's Shop in East Utica.

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- We are holding a highly scientific Honk Poll. Our man Dave is out in East Utica near the proposed Stewart's Shop site and he has a sign that says, "Honk Once: For Stewart's, Honk Twice: No Stewart's."  Thanks to everyone who responded on our Facebook page too.

- Keith the Paper Guy calls in to talk about the fact that he agrees with Bill when it comes to the argument of "there are too many gas stations already."

- Jeff doesn't think that's too bad of an argument due to the fact if a gas station goes out of business, a vacant building could be potentially dangerous.

- Bob calls in to complain about the Stewart's from a zoning aspect. That according to Bill is a valid argument.


- American Idol winner announced last night. His name is Caleb Johnson and that's as far as Bill got.

Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

- Levi's are making a comeback and Bill talks about a story of a guy who feels you should never wash your jeans. According to this guy, denim aficionados believe the best thing for your jeans is to not clean!

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Great Memorial Day is on the way. Ray doesn't wash his jeans, or does he?

Vicki Montalbono - Boilermaker Bib Raffle

- Before we talked to Vicki we checked in with Dave out on the street taking our scientific poll. So far the "honks" show people are supporting the Stewart's.

- Vicki runs the Mother Marianne Soup Kitchen in West Utica and they are holding a raffle to give away a Boilermaker bib. An anonymous donor gave the bib and all proceeds will benefit the soup kitchen.

- If you want a raffle ticket call Vicki at 731-7271

Megan Frasier - F.x. Matt Brewing Company

- Before we got to Megan we talked about the fact that Griffiss International is essential to flight and big planes. It's the only the place Air Force One could land locally.

- We also checked in with Dave and so far our studies show that people are supporting the Stewart's Shop.

- Megan talks about the first Saranac Thursday for 2014, the band that will be playing, and the fact that they donate so much to the United Way! Tonight's Band: New York Funk Exchange.

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Happy Birthday to:

Cynthia Wright - Happy 77th!
Walter Wojans
from New Hartford
Kristin Neary from Utica

Congratulations to Cynthia Wright! You win the cake from The Florentine Pastry Shop.

Stewart's Shops Pros/Cons

- We review the stupid arguments and the valid arguments.

- Pros to add: Cleans the lot and the area.
-Cons to add: Zoning Issue.

- We check back in with Dave!

Denver Jones - Protesting The President and other Issue

- Before we got to Denver, we talked about a story of a Grandmother catching his grandson stealing. Both the mother and grandmother ripping in to the kid.

- 11 year old kid driving with his grandfather and his grandpa passed out and he steered for his grandfather while his grandad passed out. He learned to steer by playing "Gran teft auto."

- Now to Denver Jones: President Obama is the first sitting President to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and there will be protestors. Denver is one of the protestors that will be participating today.

- A slight lost connection and we're back. The group is protesting pretty much everything. He feels the government is out of control and unconstitutional.

- We discussed specifically the "Tax Free Zones."

- Other Issues Include:

  • FULL Repeal of the Safe Act
  • Rejection of Common Core Education
  • An end to Tax-free Zones and special interest tax giveaways
  • Repeal of Government Run Healthcare
  • Ending LAWLESS Government Injustice
  • Groups with Federal issues welcomed
  • (MORE)

- This is not the first protest. They have protested him in Syracuse, Binghamton, and now here in Cooperstown.

- We'll recap with Denver tomorrow morning.

Joe Marino - Utica City Councilman

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Stewart's Shop Honk Poll Update with Dave

- Utica Councilman Joe Marino talks about how Stewart's is a wonderful company and they've done a lot to be accommodating but the big issue still is the zoning issue. That has to be done correctly and the situation thus far has not been handled well.

Continuing with Joe Marino

- There is an owner of the property that wants to sell the property. The original owner is having a hard time selling because of the land and soil being toxic.

- Part of the problem with people saying "yes" is because of an outside looking in stand point. Marino resents the position that he's in and resents the mayors administration for not doing their job.

- Lack of communication leads to fear according to Marino.

-A public hearing on the Stewart's issue is scheduled to take place on June 11, 2014.

Joe Marino and Bill Talk City Audit

- Are we really in a surplus?


WIBX Photo
WIBX Photo


Mayor Rob Palmieri Announces a $931K Surplus


Mayor Rob Palmieri - Utica

- We discussed Stewart's Shop issue. They want to grow the tax base and did that with Stewart's Shop. We don't want tax payers to pay for the clean up.

- You have to look at all sides of this issue. The important thing is to discuss and compromise so all are happy.

- The surplus was talked about as well. The Mayor says they didn't use fund balance and they made tough choices to get to a surplus.

Wrapping Things Up

- Presidential Visit Coverage all day on WIBX 950 and

Have a Good Day And We'll Talk To You Tomorrow!

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