Thursday, November 14th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- The first round of hearings is complete in the Impeachment Inquiry into President Trump. What is the fallout? Rachel Sutherland (FNR) is on this morning to give us a summary of what occurred.

7 AM Hour

- Ryan Hall is the head coach of Utica City FC and they're hosting a pre-season International Match on Sunday!

- George Phillips is a Republican running for the party's nomination in NY-22. He is responding to Tenney and Cornwell's recent appearances and Brindisi's recent interview.

8 AM Hour

- Claudia Tenney calls in to react to and respond to George Phillips' phone interview. She takes issue with a previous rating and endorsement from the American Conservative Union when Tenney and Phillips ran in 2016.

- Chris Cochran from Innovation Collective joins us in studio this morning to give us all the details on what his organization does and shares the success stories that he has witnessed in other areas.

- Mayor Rob Palmieri is officially the winner of the Utica Mayoral Race. He was declared the winner after approximately 700 absentee ballots were counted. The vote totals were Palmieri - 4,711 and Marino - 4,243. He joins us on the phone this morning to reflect on a long campaign.

- Naegele brings us in a new Craft Beer of the Week. It's delicious as always.

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