Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Today we will speak with Mookie Wilson of the New York Mets 1986 World Series win and Mayor Rob Palmieri to talk about the City of Utica's new and improved website and the distribution of CDBG funds especially with regards to the Senior Centers in Utica.

***Today’s Topics***


- It was a huge sports day yesterday including a Mets win and Coach K gets his 5th National Championship.


- We discuss the fact that A-ROD has returned to baseball and two Madison County Teens charged with a bomb plot against their science teacher.


- We continue the discussion of the two Madison County teens that made a homemade chemical bomb and threw it on their teacher's porch. We get our Weather Channel forecast from Ray Stagich.


- We talk about the simple pranks kids used to do to their teachers and Clemson University students are being suspended for "racial tensions." We talk about a few more stories including a man who wielded a chainsaw at a family in Canada.

Junior Wakefield - Personal Trainer

- Junior is on to talk about how binge-watching television could cause you to have diabetes.

Molly Hooper - Staff Writer, The Hill

- Molly is on to talk about the possibility of Dr. Rand Paul running for President.

Mookie Wilson - NY Mets

T.G. Higgins/Getty Images

- We talk about Mookie Wilson of The New York Mets 1986 World Series team. He and Bill Buckner will be at Herkimer College on May 16th. You can get tickets and more details at

The Music Game (With a Twist)

- Mike is the contestant and this time he picks the decade and gets to choose who has to guess. He selects 70s and Bill. He made a wise choice. He wins Holland Farms coffee and Fingers as well as dinner for 2.



- We announce some more People's Choice Winners and we talk about the creepy Lucille Ball statue.

Dr. Alex Mora - New Hartford Animal Hospital

- We talt to Dr. Mora about the possibility of your dog and cat catching the FLU!

Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri and Councilman Joe Marino

- We have the Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri on the line to talk about the new website for the city and the issue of CDBG money distribution with regards to the senior centers in Utica.