Tuesday, August 12th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Robin Williams is dead at the age of 63. They say it is from an apparent suicide.

- We play some clips from Robin WIlliams' best work and an interview he did talking about depression.

- Suicide is a terrible thing that affects many families and it hits close to home when a celebrity does it.

- We talk about the Governor's numbers and the woman that is challenging him in a Democratic Primary. Her name is Zephyr Teachout.

- Big updates coming to the Stewart's issue and it looks like a change in the proposal for the both locations. 3,700 square feet at both the Culver and Court Street locations with 3 pumps on Culver and 6 at Court.


- There is a brand new Plate Night on our website! The Crystal Chandelier has been open since the early 80s and they just opened up CC's Pub and Grill. Check it out NOW!

- Kristine drops her phone and it leads to Bill's story about dropping his phone into water!

- Bill explains his gripe a little early, and it is "Wildlife." He was in his backyard editing with his laptop and Terabyte hard drive when a field mouse ran across his feet and scared the daylights out of him. He saved the laptop, but all the work on that hard drive was destroyed.


- More Robin Williams clips, this time from his Standup. Sad, sad story that you will always remember when you heard the news.

- The Little League World Series is underway and that's what Mets fans have to look forward to at this point in the season.

- There is a little girl who is pitching in the LLWS.

- We talk about the excitement that some teams have and then the crumbling of 12-13 year-old players who are devastated if they lose.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gets right down to business. We have a Flash Flood Watch in some areas, just meaning it could flood depending on where you are. It's the warning that you have to watch out for.

- Ray gives us the outlook for different areas across Central New York.

Willie Waffle - Memories of Robin Williams

- Sad news came out yesterday that Robin Williams is dead.

- Willie Waffle talks about the time he met Robin Williams and he had just had heart surgery where an aortic valve replaced with a cow valve and he made a joke about it to Willie.

- Anyone that has ever interviewed him knows that you have to just hang on and go along for the ride.

- We talk about his classic and iconic role as Mork on the television show "Mork and Mindy."

- Willie addresses issues with drugs and alcohol that Robin Williams had. He had been battling issues his whole life.

- We talk about how much Robin Williams loved Jonathan Winters.


- The "Apparently" Kid has an auto-tune song about him now. It was only a matter of time.

- A woman in North Carolina bought a chicken sandwich and the toasted bun had a swastika.

- A man goes before a judge out on bond and told the judge that he went to jail on purpose to focus on his studies. So the judge revoked the bond and put him back in jail.

- Anthony Weiner to open a new restaurant in New York City.

Zephyr Teachout - Gubernatorial DEM Primary Candidate

- Zephyr talks about all the good news she received including being put officially on the Democratic Primary Ballot.

- She talks about Cuomo and his relationship with control.

- She talks about education and Cuomo's neglect for public education especially with regards to arts and physical education.

- Zephyr introduces us to herself and where she comes from.

- She is strongly opposed to hydro-fracking because of recent science that has come out against it.

- We ask her about the Safe Act and she talks about how disrespectfully the Safe Act was pushed through. There is definitely an arrogance about it.

- She believes she has a chance and there is a reason Cuomo did not want her on the ballot.


- We play more Robin Williams clips from his stand up and we discuss the issue of suicide in society and how it effects a persons legacy.

- Jeff poses the question about suicide being honorable or dishonorable. We discuss this issue and take some calls.

Utica Councilman Joe Marino - Stewart's Issue

- Real quick, Tom comments about Zephyr and her run for Governor. He talks about class size and its significance.

- Joe talks about the recently updated proposal for the Stewart's Shop in East Utica. He gives his initial thoughts on it and we will continue with Joe after the break.


Continuing with Joe Marino

- Joe Marino is not against the Stewart's but it has been handled wrong from the beginning from the top down.

- Has the Mayor reached out to anyone about the future? Joe Marino says no. Joe says what Utica Schools Superintendent Bruce Karam is doing is the proper way to handle a potential change.

- His job originally was to handle the zoning situation on behalf of constituents.

- Joe has heard from a few residents over there but he does know the zoning was the main concern.

- Robert Channing is In Studio!

- Joe is pleased to meet Robert Channing and he does a little interviewing of Robert. Joe is concerned with Robert and his relationship with NBC.

- Joe has a piece coming out about public safety.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- John Zogby talks about Robin Williams briefly, terrible news.

- John talks about the situation in Iraq and where we are now from when the conflict began.

- He believes the President is handling this situation in the correct way. He talks about the fact that there is no end game.

- John talks about Hillary Clinton and her criticism of Obama's foreign policy.

- He gives a few candidates that could make a run for the DEMs in 2016. He also weighs in on the New York governor's race.

- John didn't hold anything back today. the quote of the day is definitely, "Hillary sucks all the oxygen out of the room."

Robert Channing - In Studio

- Robert brings in his painting of Mel B.

- Robert does a crazy experiment where he moves a pair of sunglasses with his mind!

- He also talks about his show that he is doing at the Stanley.

- Rob is thankful for all the attention he has been getting and the gigs he has gotten because of it.

- Robert shares his Robin Williams story and how he had the honor to perform for him.

Finishing Things Up With Robert

- We get back into the issue of suicide and what's associated with it.

- We talk about how it effects peoples lives and how preventable or not preventable it is.

- If you or someone in your life is at risk, call 1-800-273-TALK.

Check out this video from the show, including a trick not broadcast during the program:

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