Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Woman missing since 2011 has been found in the state of Ohio - story here. Authorities say the woman, who was 15 when she disappeared, didn't want to be found and took steps to conceal her identity so her status as a missing person wasn't uncovered.

Paul Horner is a 'fake' news writer who says his articles/posts are covered under the first amendment. He was on Anderson Cooper last night:

A Florida man was arrested for posing as a dentist. He's not, but was practicing out of his own home - story here.

Fox's Tonya J Powers with an update on the recount. The recount found two things - Donald Trump did win, and there were not millions of fraudulent votes, as the president-elect had claimed.

The Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin joins us. His true tales this week include - the CIA determining that Russia did interfere in our elections. Green beret war hero says James Mattis left troops to die - story here.

7 AM Hour

Allison Belius is a local woman whose daughter Lauren (6) was murdered by her then boyfriend. David Trebilcock was found not guilty due to mental disease or defect. He went to a mental hospital for a a year, and they then do a re-evaluation every two years after that. He'll stay there until he is deemed fit to return to society. She's pushing for a change in New York State laws and is appearing on Dr. Phil this week.

FREE Money Question of the Day: Which continent is the only on the planet that doesn't have snakes or reptiles? Answer: Antartica

2016 was a horrible year for many. Man playing Santa gets a call to visit a terminally ill child in the hospital. Here's the full story.

Lt. Pete Osman with Toys for Toys national team joins us by phone. He has some history on how Toys for Toys began.

8 AM Hour

Top 3 Country Songs of the Year: Better Man by Little Big Town, Since You've Gone to Heaven by Brandy Clark, and Forever Country by several artists.

Highlighting  another local holiday gift opportunity. Susan Gage joins us from Black Velvet Treasures. Here's Susan's Facebook page.

Ron Rohrbaugh has a new book out calling for the protection of hunting heritage on public lands. He says there is a movement to private a lot of federal public land. He fears hunting won't be allowed on those lands. He says 700,000 New Yorkers are hunters and 50,000 non residents hunt in New York - to the tune of $5 billion a year. Ron is the co-chair of the NY Chapter of Back Country Hunters and Anglers - website here.

The Buffalo Bills radio color commentator Mark Kelso checking in on Bill's Bills. Is Rex Ryan on his way out? Many say he is. Plus, Mark;s take on Tyrod Taylor.


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