Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Today we talk to the NORAD team about tracking Santa and we'll talk to Tim Hardiman from the delicious Tailor & The Cook.

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***Today’s Topics***


- It's the day before the night before Christmas and tomorrow is our Christmas Eve Extravaganza! Someone may win some money with the Cash 4 Life tickets Bill bought last Friday.


- Joe Cocker has passed away at the age of 70 and El Gordo is back and better than ever.


- Bill Keeler won $14 on his Cash 4 Life tickets and Paula won $7 of it. Should you report your lottery winnings? Why are those Quick Draw machines so addicting?


- Creed lead singer Scott Sapp is having some serious issues mentally and it's actually pretty sad.


- We talk about how crazy people act around the holidays and a little bit about Syracuse basketball and Colgate's Pat Moore.

Steve Lonegan - Political Strategist

- Steve is commenting on the fact that Bill de Blasio is catching a lot of fire for the police murders.

Creepiest Holiday Traditions

- We cover everything from elf on a shelf, to mensch on a bench, to snuggies.


- We play the Christmas in Utica parody and talk intimately about Santa Claus.

Tim Jones - NORAD Santa Tracking

- We talk to Tim about tracking Santa and how big a role EAD played on 9/11.

Sandy Botkin - Tax Expert

- Sandy is one of our favorite guests and he is on to give us tips on the tax advantages for disabled and blind people. for more information and tax tips or visit

The Tailor & The Cook - In Studio

- Before we get to the guys from Tailor & The Cook, we have a unique contest. The very delicious The Tailor & The Cook has some big news and announcements.

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