Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

6 AM Hour

- The Gabby Cabby is Peter Franklin and he is LIVE in NYC and delivers his True Tales.

7 AM Hour

- Fat Katz Comedy Club is coming back and Frank is in this morning to promote the incredible season ticket offer.

- The Census has begun and it starts in Alaska. Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio explains how it will all work and what we can expect.

- James Seward has been in the New York State Senate since 1986. He announced due to his ongoing cancer treatments he's decided to not seek re-election. He is currently battling bladder cancer and feels it's his time to move on from public office and focus on family and the continued success of his treatments.

8 AM Hour

- James Mott is on this morning from The Utica Roadrunners to talk about upcoming races and events.

- Monaski has lost his mind. He is defending the North Carolina father who tackeld a teenager who was in a high school wrestlting match againt the man's son.

- The Impeachment Trial begins today and it should be very interesting. Jon Decker is the only reporter in the Washington Press Corps. who has a legal degree. He is also from Fox News. He runs down what we can expect not only today, but through the course of the trial.

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