Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Today we will speak with Tim Reed and Greeley Ford about Boilermaker week and the Pre-Boilermaker concert. We will also talk with Dr. Ann Ryan from Le Moyne College.

6 AM Hour

- Andrew is ready for the big race and Brian calls up to ask about the Randolph Mantooth interview we did a little while ago. Oreo is coming out with a new cookie that's thinner and with less calories.

- A guy ties 100 Helium Balloons to a lawn chair to promote his business and then floated up and parachuted down and was arrested. Amazon is planning to have Black Friday type specials on their birthday which is July 15th.

7 AM Hour

- Honest John's Hot Dog is the official Hot Dog of the Boilermaker and they're selling them for $1 a dog and the proceeds go to the Food Bank of Central New York. We also talk to Tim about the weather, and we play the Music Game with Tim and Greeley.

- Karen Dawson is a travel expert. She is on to talk about the four main airlines and the investigation into them possibly colluding to keep airfare rates higher. As long as capacity stays full, then the prices will probably continue to rise.

8 AM Hour

- Dr. Kevin Campbell is a world-renowned Cardiologist. He is on to talk about the consumption of sugary drinks and how dangerous they can be.

- Mario calls up to express his concerns with the banning of drones over the Boilermaker course this year. He shares his thoughts freely on the Boilermaker.