Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland joins us this morning to update us on the court case against an ex-officer who shot a nude man.

- Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio is on this morning to tell us the story of a Mississippi School District that has pulled "To Kill A Mockingbird" off the required reading list because it had language that made people feel uncomfortable.

- Peter Franklin is THE Gabby Cabby and he delivers his weekly True Tales from NYC!

7 AM Hour

- Cara Thomas of Spectrum News joins us this morning to update us on opening arguments and day 1 of testimony in the Kaitlyn Conley murder trial.

- Assemblyman Marc Butler is on this morning in anticipation of Bill's big Celebrity Roast this Thursday at Francesca's in Ilion.

8 AM Hour

- Ernie Sanita is a candidate for Comptroller in the City of Utica. He has a complaint regarding Bill Morehouse and the fact he did not show up to the South Utica candidate forum at Notre Dame Elementary.

- The Beekman Boys Josh and Brent are on this morning to talk about one of their latest products...GOAT POOP! We get the details from the popular duo themselves.

- Susan Page is the Washington Bureau Chief for USA Today. She will be the moderator of the Karl Rove vs. David Axelrod debate at Hamilton College tomorrow night.