NBC's Ryan Nobles was on Keeler on Wednesday discussing everything from the House plan to impeach the DHS Secretary, to Biden, Trump and the Buffalo Bills.

Nobles, who used to work in Utica at WKTV, is an avid Bills fan and starts with his take on another heartbreaking year with Buffalo. "I'm beginning to come to the realization that it's (winning a Super Bowl) never going to happen," said Nobles.

From Super Bowl talk to politics, Nobles talked about what he sees first-hand as a Capital Hill reporter for NBC News.

Regarding impeachment of the DHS Secretary, Nobles feels the House action will go nowhere in the Senate, and wonders why House Republicans are "willing to die on the vine" over an unwindable issue. The general thought is that Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas is simply following orders from the Biden Administration above him, and there's almost no chance that the U.S. Senate would convict. "So what's the benefit?"

Nobles also digs into Trump's trip before the U.S. Supreme Court next week.

Listen to the entire interview via our YouTube channel below.

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