Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Today we get the True Tales from Peter Franklin in NYC, Mary reviews Slice Pizza and Purple Cow Cheesecake Company, and Oneida County Executive Picente has an announcement.

- This is the time of year for people to get sick. We talk a little more about the riots in Baltimore and Ray Lewis releases a video urging people to stop being violent. Also, tonight is a big night for The Comets.

- We play a song Bill wrote specifically for The Comets return home.

- A woman in Ilion is being charged with elder abuse and a man is also being charged with covering it up. Joe Marino is running for re-election on the common council. Ray Stagich also gives us his Weather Channel forecast.

- Peter Franklin is THE Gabby Cabby. He delivers his weekly True Tales from NYC! Be sure and visit his website,

- Kevin Mellott is a global security expert and he is the President of ERASE Enterprises. He is on to talk about the riots in Baltimore and how they are being handled.

- We talk to Mark Caswell from The Utica Comets! It is an exciting day today because tonight is the first home playoff game in franchise history! The Comets wants everyone there early and dressed in white! He also gives info on ticket information if the series goes to game 5.

- We talk to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente about the Utica Comets, Nano, and he talks about big things happening in the county. He continues to be very optimistic about growth.

- We play the Match Game with Chuck and Jean for their chance to qualify for Comets Playoff Tickets.

- We talk about the Chamber Alliance luncheon and Grant Award. The luncheon will cover MV500.

- Mary, Andrew's sister, gives her weekly restaurant review of Slice and Purple Cow Cheesecake Company and we talk to Joe Hobika about testing and the Republican screenings going on tomorrow for multiple city positions including Mayor and Common Council President. If you want to screen, call 724-1600.

- We play more Match Game with more chances to win Comets playoff tickets.

- We close out the day talking with Legal Lis (Wiehl). She is the Fox News Analyst and she discusses her 3 weekly topics.

- We draw the winner of the Utica Comets playoff tickets for tonight's game.

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