Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Reaction to last night's CNN GOP Debate in Las Vegas

More discussion and audio from GOP Debate

FREE Money WINNER. Knowing some local history about the Erie Canal was worth $100 this morning

Final day for bids on Naegele's beer and wine and food gathering at Swifty's Restaurant and Pub.

7 AM Hour

Keeler remembers Rock 107 and is digging for an audio clip of an air check he produced while applying for a job there. Plus, some history on the Erie Canal from Cynthia in Rome

Eric Smith from Smith Packing

Steve Schirippa (aka Bobby Baccala of Sopranos) checking in before the holidays. He has a new sauce out, and has appeared in the CBS series Blue Bloods

Keeler and Kristine, and Monaski and Andrew for that matter, are excited about a commercial that aired during last night's CNN GOP Debate

8 AM Hour

Star Wars fans nail the Star Wars trivia. When it comes to real life...not so much

Bank robber caught on LIVE TV robbing the same bank he knocked off the day before

LA Schools shut down yesterday over terror threat

Naegele LIVE in studio in our final auction push for his beer and wine party

We have a winner in our auction. Thank you and enjoy the party.

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