Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Today we have a great show for you. We will talk with Mayor Palmieri about the UPD health insurance, we'll talk to some guys who've started a new business delivering food, and we will talk with David Mondi who wants to build a meat-packing plant in Rome.

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***Today’s Topics***


- In studio today filling in for Kristine is Bill's wife Alison! We preview what's on today's show and go down memory lane. Joe Biden will not run for President and Charles Manson's finance has finally done an interview.


- How do you feel when people from warmer areas say it's cold and how do you feel about Geraldo Rivera's comments?


- There was an amazing puzzle solving on Wheel of Fortune last night. The guy got it right with only one letter at the end. We also talk to Geoff Maurer from the Weather Channel.

Peter Franklin - Gabby Cabby

- We get the True Tales from the last english speaking cab driver in NYC. You can see his full list of True Tales on his website


- Ali's Mom found an amazing device where you can make a toasted cheese sandwich with a TOASTER!! How amazing!

Dave Dudajek - Utica OD

- We talk to Dave about his editorial in today's paper about the homebound elderly people in the city or homebound people in general.

Truth or Bull For Craig Ferguson Tickets

- We look into Joe Biden's "butt buddy" comments and Sergio calls up to win tickets to see Craig Ferguson at the Turning Stone on Feb. 25th. For tickets visit

Paul Bumbolo's Grandmother Interview (Unedited)

- After Bumbolo's last court appearance, Kristine was able to get an interview with Paul's biological grandmother. The audio is raw and unedited. Some of the answers given are graphic. Full video is below.

Malcom 4 Alison

- Malcom calls up to let Alison know "she's an Angel."

Munchie Men Delivery Service

- Mike and Scott are two thirds of the business partnership who owns "Munchie Men," which is a delivery service that will bring you food from local restaurants who don't deliver already. For more details visit

Mayor Rob Palmieri - City of Utica

- Before we get to the mayor, we speak with a few folks who cleared up the traditions for Catholics on Ash Wednesday and Lent. We then speak with the mayor about the UPD health insurance, John Dellerba's comments, and the city budget.

We Run Into Some Snags...

- We ran into some issues during this segment and Andrew looses his cool a little bit.

David Mondi - Local Business Owner

- Yesterday we spoke with Ramona Smith from the city of Rome who was against the meat packing plant that is being proposed in Rome and David has the bid in. We talk to him about his side of things. David also has a new restaurant/pizzeria opening soon in Utica.

Sweater Ball Tickets Qualifying

- Martin calls up to try and win tickets to the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce's 'Sweater Ball' taking place Friday, Feb. 27th, 2015 at Vernon Downs.

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