Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

7 AM Hour

- With police and race relations at a severe low we wanted to get a police perspective on the George Floyd incident and the most recent case of Rayshard Brooks. Steve Hauck joins us this morning to talk about his experience and training for police officers.

- Dr. Kent Hall from MVHS gives us the daily COVID-19 update and answers why younger people should still be concerned about the Coronavirus.

8 AM Hour

- There is a brand new cookbook out and it is written by a local! Famed restaurateur Juanita Bass joins us this morning to share what wonderful recipes are inside.

- Darryl Hogan is the owner of the Brake from the Grind food truck and he has a new option for those who love to go to the movies. He's on talking about his pop-up drive in theater.

- Ryan Nobles of CNN is now following the Trump re-election campaign and he joins us this morning to discuss the latest from the trail and the rallys.

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