Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill has a serious squirrel and chipmunk problem and they are not only plentiful, but active!

- In New York Mills an 18-month-old baby was found in the middle of the road and the parents have been arrested. The neighbor couldn't believe their eyes when the kids was playing in the street.

- These parents were intoxicated and did not realize the child was out there because they were intoxicated. The parents were also charged for resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of a child.

- There is a democratic letter circulating from Frank Meola that basically talks about Tim Trent, Frank Vescera, Jim Zecca, and LoMedico. This letter shows an active Frank Meola in the democratic party and Bill believes that leadership shows we deserve to have a talk with him.

- Wayne calls up to comment on the 18-month-old story.


- Ken calls up to talk about the 18-month-old kid story. He makes the claim that if they're on welfare and the kids go to foster care, the welfare should be cut off.

- Keith Olbermann has come out against Derek Jeter and saying that people are making a huge deal about Jeter for no reason.

- We discuss why Jeter is legendary.


- President Obama can not seem to get out of his own way. When he was exiting Marine One, the Marine guarding him saluted him and he simply saluted back by raising his coffee cup.

- We discuss what is wrong with that.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his daily weather forecast and he stands by what he says about the beautiful weather on the way and it looks like Summer-like temperatures and it looks like no rain til at least Tuesday.

Peter Franklin - True Tales

- Peter gives us his True Tales from New York City. He is the last English speaking cab driver and he gives the best tours in NYC.

- Learn More:

Lt. Colonel Jeff Addicott - Former Green Beret

- Lt. Colonel Addicott gives his opinion on foreign policy and the idea that we are the world. The reasons for going overseas to take these actions are muddied.

- He was opposed to the 2003 war in Iraq, but once you're there you have to stay committed and deal with it.

- He believes we can't change some of these countries and if you put boots on the ground you'd have to leave them there for 200 years because there will always be the next ISIS.

- If he was the President he would make a very clear statement saying that we bombed them because they beheaded two Americans and we crushed them. If they persist, you bomb again.

- His idea and philosophy is if they hit us small, hit them huge. If they hit us big, we annihilate them.

- We talk about the role of religion as their motivation. We unfortunately were cut off with Lt. Colonel Addicott due to time.

They Say It's Your Birthday...

Happy Birthday To:

  • Joyce Williams from Utica
  • Hunter Belmont from Frankfort
  • Michael Brutsky from Clayville
  • Audrey Stephan from Clayville
  • Kim Carhart from Norway
  • Lilli Stroich from Clinton

Congratulations to Joyce Williams! You win the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.


- We play Keith Olbermann's rant against Derek Jeter and discuss.

Congressman Richard Hanna

- We talk to the Congressman about all that's going on in Washington right now and what war is.

- He gives his thoughts on ISIS/ISIL and talks about Climate change and renewable energy.

- Tom calls up to ask about the Islamic radicals that may pose a threat on our nation. Tom also asks about border patrol especially in the South. The Congressman agrees that we need to protect our borders and expands on that.

- Congressman Hanna talks about how paralyzed Congress is right now because of the President's lack of cooperation.

- We ask Congressman Hanna about Astorino's comments about Utica NANO. Congressman Hanna reiterates that SUNY NANO IS HAPPENING.

- Hanna believes that he shouldn't have used the language he did.

- Hanna talks about young men and women who may want to attend the Military Academies. They will take anyone's call who wants to attend those academies.

Craig Muder - National Baseball Hall of Fame

- Craig is the Communications Director at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

- He addresses the issue of Derek Jeter and Keith Olbermann's comments. Craig talks about how Jeter is above the game. It's about how he has respected the game and himself and others.

- Craig talks about what it will be like when Jeter is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jeter has already given stuff from his career to the Hall of Fame including a 1996 Game Worn World Series Jersey and more.

- We also talk about this past year's induction events and how successful it was.


- There is a new Plate Night on our website. Check it out, the new Stampede Steakhouse!

- Apolis Hester is a young football player down south who gave an inspirational speech on a post game interview. He is a high school football player.

- We play the audio. We discuss his interview.


- We continue the baseball discussion with Stefan calling in.

- We also continue Keith Olbermann's rant....(Andrew's commentary is that Keith is an IDIOT).


- We bring in Jim Rondelli for the conversation on Olbermann and Derek Jeter.

- Jim brings up the fact that the baseball legend will be at Hamilton College at the field house.

- We bring back the issue of the latte salute from Obama. Every move Obama makes is being closely criticized.

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