We keep hearing people planning to shoot today's eclipse with their phones or tablets or even on a DSLR camera.  On Facebook people are talking about putting their backs to the sun and facing their iPhone front camera to view and tape!  

Here's a final warning: this could ruin the camera on your device. This includes areas like Central New York where we're only getting about a 67% solar eclipse.

Here's what experts say:  Use the proper solar filter on your lens or you could very well face a pretty nasty outcome. With phones, some say you can use those approved glasses and tape the lens of the glasses over your phone camera lens. It's supposed to give you a great shot; however, it isn't fool proof!  It might be best to view today's eclipse with the proper glasses and simply enjoy the moment.

So, just to be clear.  What happens when you use your camera without a filter?  Watch this short video:


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