If you live in or near farm land, there's a good chance that you've had to tolerate the incredibly putrid smell of liquid aged cow manure. It's a potent smell that can drift for miles and it's almost always spread on farm land during sunny, hot weather, and just before a rainfall.

This is prime season for spreading the liquid which has been known to ruin outdoor gatherings like picnics, graduation parties and weddings. But, there may be a solution (no pun intended) on the way that will greatly reduce the problem.

Local agriculture expert Ben Simons has been in talks with Tim Kremer of Omaha, Nebraska, whose company Pit Charger is reducing odors one farm at a time, all over the world. In a few weeks, Kremer will be traveling to Upstate New York where he'll be meeting with community leaders and farmers to discuss how his product can significantly reduce the smell that wafts into people's backyards and even into their homes over the spring and summer months.

Kremer says his "products work to significantly reduce odor and in as little as 24 hours. Temperature, seasons, medications, water, and different types of organic waste all affect the strength and severity of the problem," he said. "We can help you address those factors and establish a custom treatment plan specific to your situation."

"A year-long Iowa State University study demonstrated that eight buildings treated with PitCharger had one-half of the odor compared to eleven untreated buildings. In addition, 25 lagoon systems treated with PitCharger annually go through successful odor threshold testing," according to the company's website.

Simons explains that farmers try to be accommodating, so if you're having a backyard gathering, give your neighboring farmer the heads-up and it might be possible to spread on a different day. Simons also said it's important for non-farming residents to understand that this fertilizer formula is essential for farmers to produce the crops that ultimately feed the country, and the world.

Simons says he's hopeful that the upcoming meeting will result in some positive, and less odiferous outcome.
Here's Simons on WIBX discussing Pit Charger

Here's Simons discussing agriculture in Oneida County, as well as the upcoming Boonville Oneida County Fair happening at the end of July.

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