Do you have a bunch of old or gently used electronics lying around the house? Would you like to make money by getting rid of them? One local business may be able to pay you for them.

Sunnking is a company that is dedicated to reducing the amount of "e-waste" filling up landfills. According to their website, "Our experience in the scrap metal industry has allowed us to provide efficient electronics recycling services to businesses and residents."

But, this is not your typical recycling process where the organization just takes the items off your hands and says, "Thank you very much!" Robert Burns is the Director of Marketing and Digital Media for Sunnking. Burns says, "It’s Pizza and Wing money. You could make as much or as little as you want." Burns was a guest Tuesday on 'First News with Keeler in the Morning.'

He appeared on the program to discuss the launch of Sunnking's new website On that website, you can fill out an online form describing what items you have and a Sunnking employee will price it out. Burns says, "We have experts at our warehouse and they’ll determine how much we’ll pay you for it." Burns also says you can get your money quick. "We can transfer the money to you instantly with PayPal or Venmo," added Burns.

So, what are you waiting for? You never know what items could be laying around your home that could be of value to Sunnking. They won't just recycle or dispose of the items. Some old computers, stereo systems and even gently used items have valuable wires and other parts inside.

All you have to do is visit and you can possibly "clean-up" with your spring cleaning. Sunnking has locations across the state and they have a warehouse facility in Whitesboro.

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