Leon Etienne and Romy Low are at it again! You can see the amazing duo once again on national television tonight on the CW! You can either watch live or set your DVRs as they will be on Penn and Teller's show called "Fool Us."

The premise of the show is for magicians to go in front of the celebrity magical/comedy duo and try to stump them with an illusion they created. If Penn and Teller can figure it out, then they lose. If they are successful in tricking the tricksters, then they may have the chance to go to Vegas to open for the famous duo! Let's hope the success continues for our Central New York friends!

To See the Preview of Leon and Romy's episode click the link: http://www.cwtv.com/shows/penn-teller-fool-us/the-invisi-ball-thread-trailer/

The show airs Tonight on The CW Newtork. Don't miss it!