Local state lawmakers and good government groups are reacting to Governor Kathy Hochul’s first State of the State Address.

FILE PHOTO: 101st District Assemblyman Brian Miller Photo Credit: Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM
FILE PHOTO: 101st District Assemblyman Brian Miller Photo Credit: Andrew Derminio, WIBX/TSM

101st District Assemblyman Brian Miller:

“As we look into the new year with a new governor, I hope the needs of upstate are better met than has been the case in years past. Our infrastructure is in desperate need of attention and there are still many without access to broadband. These remain some of my top priorities, and my goal is to address them this legislative session. Additionally, while the governor did have some good ideas to help our state with the ongoing pandemic, I find her comments regarding the health care system to be hypocritical considering the part she played in this crisis. Our health care system is in desperate need of assistance and she did not provide any realistic ways to help ease this crisis.”

119th District Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon:

“The start of the 2022 legislative session marks a new era in New York, under the leadership of the state’s first female governor. I was pleased to hear Governor Hochul announce plans to assist our current and future health care professionals, educators, small business owners, famers, and invest in community safety as the continue to face difficulties caused by the pandemic. In addition, I am interested to hear more about the governor announcement of tax cut this year, which includes; a billion dollars in property tax rebates for middle class New Yorkers.”

“We will need to continue making investments in education and training to prepare our workforce for an evolving economy with new opportunities. I look forward to working with the governor and her team as well as my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find solutions that will propel the Mohawk Valley and New York State well beyond COVID-19.”

47th District Senator Joseph Griffo:

“The governor today outlined several priorities and initiatives that she hopes will help the state recover from the coronavirus pandemic and position New York for the future. We will now thoroughly review all of these proposals, offer our own counterproposals and discuss the potential affect that they will have on the state’s residents, taxpayers, families and businesses.  While protecting the health of New Yorkers remains a priority, it is imperative that we also focus on stopping the troubling exodus of people from the state and resetting and rebuilding our state and local economies. As I have advocated throughout my time in the Senate, we must find ways to reduce taxes and regulations, lower energy costs, ease burdensome mandates, create and support economic opportunities and job growth, invest in our infrastructure and make the state more affordable. That is how we can stop the outmigration from the state that we have continued to witness."

51st District Senator Peter Oberacker:

“For New York to truly reemerge as the Empire State we need to protect our greatest asset – our people.  Individuals and families are leaving the state at a record rate, and the governor admitted as much.  While I stand ready to work with her on initiatives that will help those I represent, I will fight back against other proposals that are will do more harm.

Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY:

"During her short tenure, Governor Hochul has consistently highlighted ethics, good government and voting rights: a welcome change from her predecessor who did most dealings in the dark, and may have even broken the law. Her first State of the State, delivered in the people's house – without gratuitous stagecraft or self-congratulation – today was no different. Hochul is committed to replacing JCOPE and depoliticizing ethics oversight in New York by appointing law school deans, not political cronies, to build public trust. She again emphasized her commitment to no excuse absentee voting (a safe and secure voting method already enjoyed in 30 other states), and lowering barriers to voter registration. Common Cause/NY looks forward to working with the Governor to build back our democracy better for all New Yorkers."

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