Utica Councilman Joe Marino is calling on Mayor Robert Palmieri to release the video from a March 5th budget meeting in the Common Council Chambers.

Marino and fellow Council member Frank DiBrango reportedly got into a physical altercation at the meeting.  Marino and DiBrango have both said they engaged in a heated debate, but there was no physical contact.

Palmieri has hired outside counsel to do an investigation into the incident,

Marino is also asking the Mayor for a full accounting of what he calls a "politically motivated investigation."  He says at the very least, the investigation will cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

"Rob Palmieri, is effectively forcing City of Utica taxpayers to be unwilling donors to the Palmieri for Mayor campaign by using the people's money to fund his sensationalism, rumors and rhetoric. He owes the people of this City real transparency not just more lip service" said Marino.

Marino is challenging Palmieri for mayor.

Statement from the City of Utica’s Corporation Counsels Office

The City of Utica has zero tolerance for workplace violence which, pursuant to its Violence in the Workplace Policy and Employee Handbook, includes intimidating, making threatening remarks, engaging in acts of aggressive behavior or inferring violence against any person or property associated with the City. When the City is made aware of actions that could be violation of these policies we cannot ignore it, but rather we have an obligation to investigate it. It is improper for any video or evidence related to an investigation to be publicaly released until such an investigation is concluded. The public has a right to see the video and it will be released as soon as the investigation is completed.Given that this is an ongoing investigation; this will be the City’s only comment at this time.

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