Odds are if you have kids or you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, you have seen one of them riding one of those fancy hoverboards. Now parents and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have major concerns over the safety of these recreational devices after a major recall was issued.

Over 500,000 hoverboards have been deemed unsafe due to the possibility of a battery overheating, and catching fire. You can see a full list of the recalled brands on the CPSC website.

In a statement from the U.S. CPSC website, Chairman Elliot Kaye says,

We continue to work diligently to provide the answers on hoverboards that consumers rightfully want and deserve.  As noted in this related announcement, we are actively investigating a number of companies that make or sell hoverboards.

In the same statement he is also urging Amazon and other online retailers to honor full refunds on hoverboard products immediately. If you feel your child is in possession of, or using one of these products you should take it away immediately. To get details on how to get your refund for this device visit Amazon's website directly.

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