The Mayor of Yorkville has released a statement regarding a dispute that occurred between the owner of Full Throttle BBQ and an individual associated with a Yorkville Board Member.

Mike Hill is the owner of Full Throttle BBQ and he made it known earlier this week about an incident last week where he asked a woman who had parked in his businesses parking lot to move her vehicle because she was patronizing a neighboring business. He alleges the woman refused and even went on further to say something along the lines of "Don't you know who I am?" He then had that vehicle towed and he says that decision led to harassment from a Village of Yorkville Board Member due to his relationship with the woman.

At the time this story first came to light, WIBX reached out to the Mayor of Yorkville for a comment and early Wednesday morning we finally received one. Mayor Michael Mahoney's statement reads,

The Village of Yorkville is grateful for all of our local businesses. They are critical to our continued success. This would include Full Throttle BBQ. I am aware of an unfortunate confrontation between the owner of Full Throttle BBQ and some residents who are employed by and/or associated with the village. As is always the case, there appears to be two different interpretations as to what transpired between the parties during this incident. If any of the parties believe they have a legitimate legal claim against any other party, we would expect them to seek legal counsel and take appropriate action. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to patronize all our local businesses, including Full Throttle BBQ, home of some of the very best barbecue in all of Upstate New York.

--  Mayor Michael Mahoney and The Village of Yorkville Board of Trustees

We followed up with Mike Hill Wednesday morning and he says several people have come in to support his business and overall show support. That support includes Yorkville residents, law enforcement and fire department. He wants to thank all of the people who have supported him and his business and he explained his reason for speaking out is because he doesn't want to have any other business endure what he was possibly facing.

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