Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri has unveiled the City’s Police Reform Report.

Governor Cuomo signed an Executive Order last June requiring municipalities across the state to submit a police reform report by April 1st.

The report was developed by an advisory committee made up of 17 community leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The committee discussed key topic categories including use of force, crime prevention and engagement and officer accountability.

After 12 meetings, the committee recommended a total of 12 reforms.

Some key reforms include:

  • Establishing a Crisis Intervention Team
  • Making adherence to Procedural Justice part of body camera performance reviews
  • Enhancing and increasing implicit bias training
  • Improving mental health resources available to officers
  • Creating a Civilian Public Safety Board and Auditor

“I want to thank each member of the advisory committee as their insight, knowledge, experience and passion is reflected in this report,” said Mayor Palmieri. “We addressed difficult issues with a mission to improve relations between UPD and the community we serve, as well as provide a forum to address the bias and disenfranchisement that is felt by members of our Utica family. I’m proud of the reform plan and what the advisory committee accomplished.”

You can find to the full report on the City of Utica's website.

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