A new video from Australia is preaching the virtues of train safety while offering you a song you can hum to and from the station.

"Dumb Ways To Die" is a new 3 minute song produced by Melbourne's metropolitan rail service, Metro.

The little colorful characters do a variety of stupid things, including using a fork to get their toast, let psychos into their home, poke grizzly bears... or in one special case, press a little red button.

WIth wonderfully morbid lyrics and a message that leaves you guessing (like the first minute of Kevin Nealon's PSA for No Kill Los Angeles), the video has become a hit in Australia and has amassed nearly 14 million views in a week.

The song does carry a strong message, though. Last year in New York City, 146 people were struck by subway trains, and 47 were killed.

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