This place is amazing! The location is perfect and so is the view. If you are looking for a condo in the Buffalo area, here it is!

Check out 33 Gates Cir #9, Buffalo, NY 14209! It has everything you would want for living in the second biggest city in New York State.

Million Dollar Condo In Buffalo

The real estate market has been super hot over the last two years. Those looking to buy have been facing bidding wars and those selling are making as much as double the asking price in some situations. But that may start to change. Inflation fears and the rising cost of loans is getting hard to swallow. The interest rates are climbing to levels we have not seen in as many as 30 years! But for the savvy buyer, this may be a good time to seek the good deals that are popping up and snag a good investment.

My wife and I are trying to find vacant land to buy in the southern tier of New York and that has also been a challenge. As the saying goes; "they aren't making anymore of it" when it comes to land and when properties become available, there is a scramble to put in an offer. But, now that summer is here, land is becoming more available it seems.

Buffalo is a city on the move and a place like this at 33 Gates Cir #9, Buffalo is a huge opportunity. There are some great things happening in Western New York and you can't beat this location to be a headquarters for you to see all of it!

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