We didn't have people getting upset about a mouse wearing pants on our 2022 bingo card, but in any event, Minnie Mouse's new look has divided the internet.

On Tuesday (Jan. 25), Disneyland Paris unveiled a brand new outfit for Minnie in honor of the park's upcoming 30th anniversary. Disneyland Paris — originally called EuroDisney — officially opened in April 1992.

Designed by fashion designer Stella McCartney, Minnie's très chic pantsuit features a blue and black polka dot design (and matching bow, of course). The dark blue shade happens to be Minnie's signature color in France, and is also the official color for the park's anniversary celebration.

See Minnie Mouse's pantsuit ensemble, below:

While M&M's recently received backlash following Ms. Green's "woke" design update — the character traded in her trademark white go-go boots for sneakers — Minnie's pantsuit is more or less a simple wardrobe change, not a political statement. The iconic mouse's new look isn't a company-wide global redesign, but rather a cute new outfit to celebrate a special occasion.

Typically, Disney's Fab Five characters — Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Pluto — receive new outfits for big celebrations, holidays and special events, so this isn't anything new.

Plus, this isn't the first time Minnie has worn pants. The character's animated/cartoon iteration has worn pants as far back as 1984 at least, and over the years she's rocked everything from overalls to blue pants and safari cargo shorts. Most recently, she's worn pants as part of her captain's outfit on the Disney Cruise Line.

Nevertheless, none of this has staved off the proverbial pitchforks on the internet — or in the news.

Fox News aired a special report about the pantsuit, during which guest Candace Owens claimed that Disney is trying to make Minnie "more masculine." Owens also rather sensationally alleged that Minnie's new fashion statement is an attempt to "destroy [the] fabrics of our society."

Social media reactions from the public have been mixed as well.

Some diehard Disney fans note that this isn't the first time Minnie has had a wardrobe change, while others joke about the attention a cartoon mouse's outfit is receiving on a global scale.

"You know why Minnie Mouse changed from her flouncy dress, to pants? So she could have some d--n pockets," one Twitter user quipped.

Some others have politicized the design and are raging against Minnie's apparent attempt at being "woke," while yet another group of critics simply don't like the sartorial style of the blue blazer and pants combo.

See more reactions to Minnie Mouse's pantsuit, below.

What do you think of Minnie Mouse's new pantsuit? Is it a chic fashion statement, or a fashion fail?

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