While students at New Hartford's Myles Elementary School are learning from home, one brood is back for another spring season. The Mallard ducklings have hatched once again this year inside the safe confines of the school's courtyard.

Like last year, the Mallards flew into the school courtyard a few weeks ago, laid eggs, which have now hatched, and the mother and her little ducklings are living at the school. About 11 ducklings hatched and were swimming around the small man-made pond built in the courtyard. The male duck had exited the scene some weeks ago. That normally happens right after the female Mallard lays her eggs.

Photo by Alison Keeler for WIBX
Photo by Alison Keeler for WIBX

The courtyard is completely surrounded by the school building so the only way out for the ducklings now, is to fly out. Stay tuned...and in the meantime, check out the video of the cute little creatures below, taken in 2019.


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