The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will be closing the physical location of its Utica office on York Street on December 31st.

Officials say however, services to the Mohawk Valley community and the families of missing children will continue and expand.

Employees at the local office will stay on the NCMEC team and keep working virtually.

They will also continue being a pillar in the community by advocating for child safety, organizing NCMEC’s annual  “Ride for  Missing Children,” and training local law enforcement and school personnel to optimize child protection efforts.

“This decision is in the long-term best interest of NCMEC and of the families we serve,” said CEO John Clark. “Concentrating on our digital poster distribution efforts will give us a broader, more immediate reach to the public in the search for missing kids.”

The Mohawk Valley NCMEC office has played an integral part in physical poster distribution for 25 years.


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