Have you ever had the feeling someone is watching you, your home, your family? Sounds like the plot to a scary movie. Well, it IS the plot to the new Netflix series 'The Watcher' and it gets even creepier when you realize this is based on a true story.

The Watcher is about a family that moves to their dream house but that dream starts to become a nightmare when they find letters in the mailbox stating "I've been put in charge of watching you. I am the watcher.". Now, what if I told you that that the movie home at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, NJ is actually right here in New York?

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According to Time, the Netflix couple the Brannocks are based on Derek and Maria Broaddus. The Broaddus' claim their traumatizing experience included bullying, intimidation and threats of kidnappings. If you are going to film a creepy movie like The Watcher, based largely on the house, you better find the right location.

The house you see in The Watcher at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, NJ is actually in Rye, New York. Before we look at the filming location let's see the original. This is a picture of the real 'Watcher House'.


Netflix producers decided to film the entire series in New York with the majority taking place in Westchester County, specifically Rye. That's where you will find the movie version of 657 Boulevard.

According to Fiction Horizon, there are several difference between the real-life house in NJ and the one used for filming in NY. There is an age difference, one has a pool and the NY home is much bigger. Let's take a look at the home of horrors, as seen on Netflix, at 1 Warriston Lane in Rye, New York.

Netflix - The Watcher House - New York

The Netflix series The Watcher was filmed in New York, including the iconic house that is being...watched. Let's look around.

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