New Hartford, NY (WIBX) - Residents of Kirkland, Paris, Frankfort, and New Hartford are being asked to vote on a possible rechartering of the New Hartford Town Public Library.

The proposed one million dollar budget includes an increase of sixty percent from the existing budget.

Edmund Wiatr, trustee and candidate if a proposed re-chartering of the library succeeds, says voters need to make their voices heard, regardless of where they stand on the issue. He, however, is making his objections clear, saying, "You can't ask a person who's living on a fixed income to, to kick in more than double what they we're paying now under a town-funded concept. That's not right. That's improper."

Wiatr said that he originally supported the rechartering, and has only changed his mind after he learned all that was entailed. During an interview with WIBX he repeatedly insisted that residents need to get out and vote, even if they disagree with him, so that the town knows exactly where residents stand.

Those registered with the New Hartford Central School District are eligible to vote at the Town Public Library until 8:00pm. The library is located at Two Library Lane, off of Oxford Road) in New Hartford.

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