New Hartford Police, while working with several agencies, have arrested a Level 3 Sex Offender in Oneida County after, according to Chief Ron Fontaine, he moved from his New Hartford address and violated a court order by failing to report the move to police.

According to Fontaine, on October 20th 2023, 44-year-old Edward Croniser, who is a registered sex offender residing in the Town of New Hartford, failed to personally report in to New Hartford Police in order to verify his current address, as required by The New York State Corrections Law. 

Croniser was convicted in 2002 of two counts of Attempted Sodomy in the 1st Degree involving underage females, ages 9 and 11 in the City of Rome.

Fontaine says, as a result of his conviction, he is required to report in-person to the police every 90 days to verify his current address. New Hartford Police Investigators began to look for Croniser when he failed to report back on October 20th. Through the investigation it was determined that not only did Croniser fail to report in to the police but when police checked they found he was no longer residing at the address in the Town of New Hartford that he should have been according to the NYS Sex Offender Registry.  

New Hartford Police Investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Croniser from The Town of New Hartford Court for one count of Failing to Personally Verify Address With A Law Enforcement Agency As A Sex Offender, which is a Felony. On October 31st, 2023 New Hartford Police with assistance from The New York New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force located Cronsier in Utica, NY, where he was arrested and remanded to the Oneida County Jail.   

"The United States Marshal’s Service - New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force (NY/NJ RFTF) is comprised of members of the United States Marshal’s Service, New Hartford Police, Utica Police, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, Oneida County Probation Department, New York State Police and New York State Parole Officers.  Croniser was taken into custody and arraigned in The Oneida County Centralized Arraignment Part Court.  Croniser was held on bail upon arraignment.  The partnership formed with The United States Marshal’s Service - New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force (NY/NJ RFTF) and The New Hartford Police Department provides vital assistance to The New Hartford Police and the community we serve in instances where wanted Felons flee the Town," said Fontaine.

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