At a time when tensions are high between police officers and some people in communities across the country it is always a relief to see positive stories about law enforcement. One New Hartford Police Officer took time out of his day to make a little girl's day.

One mother who was walking with her daughter on a walking trail came across an officer sitting in his car. Of course the young girl became curious and wanted to talk with the officer. What happened next prompted the mother to share her story with the New Hartford Police Department. She sent the above photo to the Department Facebook page with a message that read,

I never got the officers name but yesterday we took my daughter on a walking trail in New Hartford and there was an officer sitting in his car and she wanted to talk to him and check out the car. The officer was more than welcome to show her the car and how things worked and she loved it once she wasn't so nervous! I'm so thankful to him! She even got her own little bear that she hasn't left alone since she got it! Again thank you so much for all that you officers do! And a very special thank you to the one who took time out of his day to make a little girl so happy.

Whoever that officer was is a prime example of why the majority of people get into law enforcement. To help, serve, and protect. Some fear and loath police, but many respect and appreciate all that men and women in blue do. Thank you for putting your lives at risk every day.

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