A sophomore at New Hartford High School has just returned from a trip on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. No, he hasn't entered the race for the Democrat nomination for President. He founded a YouTube show called 'Elected News' and he took the trip to cover the primary.

Luke made quite a few appearances on C-SPAN and in other media outlets as a result of his attendance at several Town Hall events. On his mother, Mary Snyder-Radel's, Facebook page you can see footage from C-SPAN where he spoke with Hawaii Congressional Representative, Tulsi Gabbard.

Luke has interviewed several local political candidates on his YouTube series and joined 'First News with Keeler in the Morning' to talk about his journey to the Granite State. He offered his analysis of what his thoughts are on the candidates and what challenges they may face. Luke says, "It seems to me the issue for people is electability." He also was inspired by Keeler's Live Commercial for the Falcon Clinic dubbing himself "The Primary Doctor."

You can see photos of Luke with all the Democrat candidates for President below.

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