Monday, June 15th, 2020

7 AM Hour

- UV light is shown to be a great method for disinfecting spaces and Dr. Richard Chmielewski of The Falcon Clinic joins us this morning to talk about how he uses it to clean his facilities.

- We begin another week and continue to have Dr. Kent Hall of MVHS on. Just when we think we're running out of questions, we think of more. Today we spoke to him about blood types and the virus and he debunks another COVID-19 rumor.

8 AM Hour

- How is the Real Estate market fairing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? According to Bill and Robin Mongeau of River Hills Properties, it's amazing! We speak with them about the increase in property values and more.

- Jon Decker of Fox News Radio joins us this morning for an update on the President's weekend.

- The topic of Tenney and debates came up again this morning as we speak with Luke Radel. He is going into his junior year at Notre Dame High School and is the founder of "Elected News" on YouTube.


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