Herkimer's new police chief says he's coming to the table with an open mind when it comes to shared services and consolidation.

Michael Jory was born and raised in Ilion, NY but has spent the past 18 years with the Gloversville Police Department where he most recently held the title of Captain of Detectives, he said during an interview Monday on WIBX. He took over the department on January 2, 2017, replacing longtime chief Joseph Malone. Malone had overseen both the Herkimer and Mohawk departments; he's retired from the Herkimer post but maintains his position in Mohawk.

When asked about possible consolidation of departments, Jory indicated he was too early in the process to know where savings could be found.

'I think everybody has their own identity and maybe people don't want to give that up. I've been there two weeks. I haven't had an opportunity to go over a lot the numbers...I wouldn't be opposed to it if it was done properly. I know things like this - mergers and such - need to take time, and think of every possible incident that could come up. Whether it be supervision or the transfer job duties from department to department under one [department], that would be a little difficult,' Jory said.

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