College Board has released its 2017-18 list of the most expensive colleges in America and New York owns three spots in the top 10. The country's highest tuition is at Columbia University in New York City with an annual tuition of $54.504. Vassar College in Poughkeepsie is a close second with a tuition of $54,510 per year and Colgate University in Hamilton has America's eighth highest tuition at $53,650 Tuition: $53,650.

America's Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges, according to College Board.

  • Columbia, NY
  • Vassar, NY
  • Harvey Mudd College, CA
  • Franklin and Marshall, PA
  • Reed College, OR
  • Duke, NC
  • Bucknell, PA
  • Colgate, NY
  • Amherst College. MA
  • University of Southern California, CA


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