After last Tuesdays' severe storms left a lot of damage and downed trees in the North Utica area, Utica Councilwoman Smanatha Colosimo-Testa held a meeting last night to discuss clean-up efforts and any areas the City might have missed with residents.

Councilman at large Jack LoMedico says Mayor Palmieri asked him to pass along a message at the meeting that the city is working hard to clean up after the storms.

He said crews are working to pick up all downed trees and branches. That cleanup should be done within the next week as crews are starting on the south side and working toward the north side of the city.

Additionally, the city is asking residents to only put trees and branches from the storm to the curb. Any yard waste not storm-related should be put out at the usual green-waste pickup times.

LoMedico also added that the Utica DPW has done a great job with the cleanup and any residents who have concerns can call Utica City Hall for more information.