Editor's note: This story is being updated as results are released.

Updated, Tuesday, 5:00 p.m.

Chenango and Oneida Counties released their unofficial absentee ballot count on Tuesday afternoon and the results put Anthony Brindisi well out in front and Rep. Tenney statistically out of reach.

Chenango's count is complete with Anthony Brindisi receiving 639 votes to Rep. Tenney's 531, a net gain of plus 108 votes for Brindisi, increasing his lead to 3,228 votes. Later in the afternoon Oneida County released their current results which also shows Brindisi in a strong lead, with 109 of the 192 districts counted. Currently in Oneida, Brindisi leads Tenney in absentees by a count of 1,529 to 755, a net gain of 744 votes for Brindisi.  According to Michael Galimo, the Oneida County Democratic Commissioner, there are still 1,881 ballots left to be counted. He says those will be completed by next Tuesday, November 27th.

With Oneida County's tally, Brindisi now has a lead of 4002 votes, district-wide. With 1,881 ballots remaining to be counted, barring some drastic legal challenge, it is now statistically impossible for Rep. Tenney to win.

Anthony Brindisi released this statement following the announcement of the results:

“As I said on Election night, I’ll work to be a representative for our entire community. I’m humbled that I’ll have the honor to represent this district in Congress. Now that this campaign is behind us, I look forward to a smooth transition with Congresswoman Tenney to ensure that we hit the ground running in January.”

Updated: Tuesday, 8:00 a.m.

The race between Anthony Brindisi and Rep. Claudia Tenney for New York's 22nd Congressional seat could reach an unofficial conclusion this week. Party leaders told WIBX that the Oneida County Board of Elections is working hard to complete the count of 4,182 ballots before the upcoming holiday. Jordan Karp of the Brindisi campaign told WIBX that regarding Oneida County, the cities of Rome, Utica and parts of New Hartford have been counted. He believes that while partial results could be released as early as Tuesday, the re-canvassing won't be completed until at least Friday. Meanwhile, Chenango county is expected to release their unofficial count on Tuesday.

Updated: Monday, 6:00 a.m.

On Friday, Brindisi's campaign declared victory for a second time.  “The ballots counted this week confirm what we saw on election night. Voters across the 22nd district wanted change, and they chose an independent voice who will work for them in Washington,” said Ellen Foster, campaign manager for Anthony Brindisi. “Throughout the vote counting process we’ve only expanded our lead it’s clear that Anthony Brindisi has won a decisive victory.”

Oneida County received 4,182 absentee ballots; Chenango County 1,153 ballots and Tioga County, 203. On Friday, Broome County and Herkimer County released their results and Brindisi carried both counties. Tioga released their count on Monday and Tenney added 13 votes to her total count. Brindisi currently leads by just more than 3200 votes.

The following results were updated on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.:

BroomeBrindisi     +1,319
ChenangoBrindisi   +108
CortlandBrindisi   +207
HerkimerBrindisi     +80
MadisonBrindisi    +324
OneidaBrindisi  +774 (Partial)
OswegoTenney.   +80
TiogaTenney.  +13

Brindisi's lead is currently 4,002 votes.  Outstanding ballots: 1,881

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