No April Fools here... it's the end of a long era in the farm world. The New York State Dairy Princess is officially no more.

The American Dairy Association has officially announced their newest young leader, Gabriella Taylor from Wayne County, but she wasn't crowned "Dairy Princess". They were instead given the title of New York State Dairy Ambassador.

American Dairy Assoc. Northeast
American Dairy Assoc. Northeast

The reason for this change goes back to the Fall of 2021. The American Dairy Association of the North East wanted to make a change. They wanted the Dairy Princess Program to be more inclusive for both young men and women. This then lead to the formation of the Ambassador Program.

As the 2022-2023 New York State Dairy Ambassador, Gabriella still has a big list of tasks to handle. She will serve as a spokesperson for dairy farmers by attending events across the state and educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy products. She will also serve a pinitol role in educating New Yorkers on the dairy industries benefit on the state economy.

American Dairy Assoc. Northeast
American Dairy Assoc. Northeast

By serving under the role, Gabriella is also receiving a $1,200 scholarship towards college and gets to have an internship with the American Dairy Association. Basically, the perks and duties of the job haven't changed, only the title has so far.

With Gabriella's announcement also comes two other appointments. Katie Jasmin from Madison County has been named the first Associate Ambassador, while Annika Donlick from Cortland County has been selected the second Ambassador. Each will help Gabriella in her duties and receive a $700 and $500 scholarship respectively.

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