We've put together all the musical entertainment in one location. See the full list for Chevy Court and The Experience Stage here.

August 21 to September 2 is the time to gorge yourself on fair food! See the sights, do some shopping and listen to great music. Here's what to expect at The Great New York State Fair 2019.

 Wednesday, August 21, 20193:00pmMike Powell & The Black River
 Wednesday, August 21, 20198:00pmBad Company
 Thursday, August 22, 20192:00pmDevinne Meyers
 Thursday, August 22, 20198:00pmGrace Potter
 Friday, August 23, 20192:00pmCNY Songbirds
 Friday, August 23, 20198:00pmLindsey Stirling
 Saturday, August 24, 20192:00pmThe Brownskin Band with Joe Driscoll
 Saturday, August 24, 20198:00pmSmokepurpp
 Sunday, August 25, 20192:00pmJimmie Allen
 Sunday, August 25, 20198:00pmDropkick Murphys
 Monday, August 26, 20192:00pmHerman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone
 Monday, August 26, 20196:30pmCountry Swagg
 Monday, August 26, 20198:00pmMidland
 Monday, August 26, 20199:30pmCountry Swagg
 Tuesday, August 27, 20192:00pmBlood Sweat & Tears
 Tuesday, August 27, 20198:00pmFarruko
 Wednesday, August 28, 20192:00pmThe Mavericks
 Wednesday, August 28, 20198:00pmIce Cube
 Thursday, August 29, 20192:00pmWhy Don’t We
 Thursday, August 29, 20198:00pmVince Neil of Mötley Crüe
 Friday, August 30, 20198:00pmGranger Smith
 Saturday, August 31, 20192:00pmAtkins Riot
 Saturday, August 31, 20198:00pmTheory of a Deadman
 Sunday, September 1, 20192:00pmSheila E
 Sunday, September 1, 20198:00pmThe Roots
 Monday, September 2, 20191:00pmlovelytheband
 Monday, September 2, 20196:00pmGavin DeGraw

The Experience Stage is in full swing with a jam-packed 13-day lineup that includes national recording artists and rockers from CNY like Utica’s Gridley Paige, Herkimer’s Max Scialdone.

 Wednesday, August 21, 20194:00pmMax Scialdone
 Wednesday, August 21, 20195:00pmThe Barndogs
 Wednesday, August 21, 20195:00pmThe Barndogs
 Wednesday, August 21, 20197:00pmGrand Funk Railroad
 Wednesday, August 21, 20198:00pmNeil Minet & The Night Flyers
 Thursday, August 22, 20194:00pmJane Zell & The Zelltones
 Thursday, August 22, 20195:00pmOneida-Westcott Dojo
 Thursday, August 22, 20195:00pmWorld Beat 2K19: International DJ
 Thursday, August 22, 20195:30pmWorld Beat 2K19: Cuerda del Viento
 Thursday, August 22, 20195:30pmCuerda del Viento
 Thursday, August 22, 20196:00pmUpstate NY Cambodian Band
 Thursday, August 22, 20196:00pmWorld Beat 2K19: Karen don Dancers
 Thursday, August 22, 20196:30pmThe Barndogs
 Thursday, August 22, 20196:30pmWold Beat 2K19: Upstate NY Cambodian Band
 Thursday, August 22, 20197:45pmAkuma Roots
 Thursday, August 22, 20197:45pmWorld Beat 2K19: Akuma Roots
 Thursday, August 22, 20199:30pmThe Barndogs
 Friday, August 23, 201912:00pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: DJ Showcase
 Friday, August 23, 201912:00pmDJ Showcase
 Friday, August 23, 201912:00pmFunkFest 2K19: DJ Showcase
 Friday, August 23, 201912:30pmVarious Track Acts
 Friday, August 23, 201912:30pmFunkFest 2K19: Various track acts
 Friday, August 23, 201912:30pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: Track Acts
 Friday, August 23, 20192:00pmShawn Seals Experience
 Friday, August 23, 20192:00pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: Shawn Seals Experience
 Friday, August 23, 20192:00pmFunkFest 2K19: Shawn Seals Experience
 Friday, August 23, 20193:00pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: The Brownskin Band
 Friday, August 23, 20193:00pmFunkFest 2K19: Brownskin Band
 Friday, August 23, 20193:00pmThe Brownskin Band
 Friday, August 23, 20194:00pmFunkFest 2K19: United Praise
 Friday, August 23, 20194:00pmUnited Praise
 Friday, August 23, 20194:00pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: United Praise
 Friday, August 23, 20195:00pmEner-G
 Friday, August 23, 20195:00pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: Ener-G
 Friday, August 23, 20195:00pmFunkFest 2K19: Ener-G
 Friday, August 23, 20196:00pmFinn & Friends
 Friday, August 23, 20196:00pmNeil Minet & The Night Flyers
 Friday, August 23, 20196:30pmFunkFest 2K19: The Raydio Show feat. Arnell Carmichael
 Friday, August 23, 20196:30pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: The Raydio Show feat. Arnell Carmichael
 Friday, August 23, 20196:30pmThe Raydio Show featuring Arnell Carmichael
 Friday, August 23, 20198:00pmSyracuseJAMZ FunkFest: Lakeside feat. Capt. Mark Wood
 Friday, August 23, 20198:00pmLakeside featuring Capt. Mark Wood
 Friday, August 23, 20198:00pmFunkFest 2K19: Lakeside with Cap't. Mark Wood
 Saturday, August 24, 201912:30pmMax Scialdone
 Saturday, August 24, 20192:00pmMissy Belgre
 Saturday, August 24, 20193:30pmMax Scialdone
 Saturday, August 24, 20194:00pmMR. Monkey
 Saturday, August 24, 20195:20pmNeil Minet & The Night Flyers
 Saturday, August 24, 20196:00pmMissy Belgre
 Saturday, August 24, 20197:00pmJackyl
 Saturday, August 24, 20199:00pmScars N' Stripes
 Sunday, August 25, 20192:30pmJosh Taerk
 Sunday, August 25, 20193:45pmUBK - Urban Knight Punks
 Sunday, August 25, 20195:00pmInfinity
 Sunday, August 25, 20195:05pmBrand New Sin
 Sunday, August 25, 20197:00pmPop Evil
 Sunday, August 25, 20199:00pmCry To The Blind
 Monday, August 26, 20194:00pmBill Schmitt & The Bluesmasters
 Monday, August 26, 20195:20pmRevolver
 Monday, August 26, 20196:40pmRuby Shooz
 Tuesday, August 27, 20194:00pmHasting & Co.
 Tuesday, August 27, 20195:00pmInfinity
 Tuesday, August 27, 20197:00pm38 Special
 Wednesday, August 28, 20194:00pmJane Zell & The Zelltones
 Wednesday, August 28, 20195:20pmJess Novak Band
 Wednesday, August 28, 20196:40pmThe Lightkeepers
 Wednesday, August 28, 20198:00pmRootshock
 Thursday, August 29, 20194:00pmMick Fury
 Thursday, August 29, 20195:20pmFrank Vieira
 Thursday, August 29, 20196:40pmC.K. & The Rising Tide
 Thursday, August 29, 20198:00pmJessica Lynn
 Friday, August 30, 20194:00pmFritz's Polka Band
 Friday, August 30, 20195:20pmThe Ripcords
 Friday, August 30, 20197:10pmJoe Whiting's Sweet Soul Review
 Friday, August 30, 20199:00pmRamblin' Gamblin' Band
 Saturday, August 31, 20192:00pmMy So-Called Band
 Saturday, August 31, 20193:20pmChristopher Ames Band
 Saturday, August 31, 20194:50pmGridley Paige
 Saturday, August 31, 20197:00pmRick Springfield
 Saturday, August 31, 20199:00pmHard Promises, featuring the music of Tom Petty
 Sunday, September 1, 201912:30pmRedhouse Rock Camp
 Sunday, September 1, 20192:50pmGrounded4Life
 Sunday, September 1, 20194:10pmBig Eyed Phish
 Sunday, September 1, 20196:00pmBorn To Run
 Sunday, September 1, 20198:00pmThunderstruck
 Monday, September 2, 20191:00pmIgnite Reggae
 Monday, September 2, 20191:00pmMidlife Crisis
 Monday, September 2, 20192:50pmMissy Belgre
 Monday, September 2, 20194:10pmiGNiTE!
 Monday, September 2, 20194:10pmIgnite Reggae
 Monday, September 2, 20195:30pmSirsy
 Monday, September 2, 20197:30pmResurrection

Who are you most excited to see?

Founded in 1841, the Great New York State Fair is America’s third-largest state fair. The fair showcases the best of New York agriculture and provides top-quality entertainment. The 2019 Fair runs from August 21 to September 2.

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