New York State Police are launching a new open recruitment campaign with entrance exams set for this fall.

Online applications are now being accepted at, and must be submitted by September 13, 2020.

The exams will be offered at several locations throughout the state on October 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2020:

“The strength of our agency is built on the diversity of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities and their state” said Superintendent Keith M. Corlett. “We are actively seeking qualified, committed, and motivated candidates from all walks of life to take the Trooper exam this fall.  Candidates will be competing for the chance to join the ranks of the New York State Police and have a rewarding career of public service.”

Starting salary for State Police is $57,297 during training and for the first year. After one year, the salary jumps $24,000 to over 81k. After five years, pay climbs to over $96,000.

However, to be a candidate you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States and be at least 20 years old by the application deadline of September 13, 2020.

  • Must not have reached their 30th birthday by the date of the application deadline.  The maximum age may be extended one year for each year of full-time active federal military duty – up to a maximum of 6 years. If you have questions, contact your local recruiter.


  • Must be at least 21 years old to be appointed.
  • Must be appointed prior to 36th birthday, except the maximum age may be extended one year for each year of full-time active Federal military duty – up to a maximum of 6 years.
  • Must be a New York State resident and have a valid New York State driver’s license at the time of appointment.
  • Must be able to pass a Physical Ability Test (PAT): sit-ups, push-ups and a one-and-one-half mile run.
  • Must be able to work rotating shifts any day of the week, including holidays.
  • Vision Requirements: uncorrected – no worse than 20/100 in each eye able to be corrected to 20/20 in each eye.  Correction may be achieved using glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.  Color blindness is disqualifying.
  • Must comply with New York State policy which requires all members to present a neat and professional appearance at all times.  Tattoos, brands, body piercings, and other body art shall not be visible while a member is in uniform or other business attire.  The uniform includes the short sleeve shirt open at the front of the neck.  In addition to visibility, some tattoos or brands may have symbolic meanings that are inconsistent with the values of the New York State Police.
  • Must possess a:
    • Graduate certificate from senior high school, Or
    • New York State High School Equivalency Diploma; Or
    • Military GED certificate, Or
    • High School Equivalency diploma from another state converted to a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma,


  • Must have completed 60 college credit hours at an accredited college or university at the time of appointment.

Exceptions: 30 college credits may be waived, if the candidate has either:

Received an Honorable Discharge from the United States military after two years of active military service;


Successfully completed a Certified Police Officer Training Course approved by, or equivalent to a course approved by, the New York State Municipal Police Training Council.  A certified Peace Officer Training course does not qualify.

  • Must be of good moral character.  A felony conviction or a dishonorable discharge, from any military service, is an automatic disqualifier.

  • Must successfully complete a medical examination, vision test, hearing test, background investigation including a polygraph examination, and psychological evaluation to be appointed.

Opportunities within the State Police include training and membership in specialized units, along with opportunities for advancement. Areas of specialized expertise include Canine Handlers, Crime Scene Evidence Technicians, Accident Reconstructionists among many others, officials say.


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