New York State United Teachers are calling on state leaders to stop a 20 percent reduction in aid to school districts.

Citing the state Constitution’s requirement to provide every student with a sound, basic education, NYSUT says it will follow through with legal action if the state goes ahead with plans to withhold hundreds of million of dollars in funding later this month.

The teachers' union say the cuts would disproportionately impact high-need, low-wealth school districts and potentially violate students’ rights to a sound, basic education.

“No school district or student is immune to the adverse impacts of a 20 percent cut to state education aid,” NYSUT President Andy Pallotta said. “But what makes this all the more egregious is the disproportionate impact that cuts have on our neediest schoolchildren. We quite literally can’t wait any longer for action.

NYSUT says the poorest 10 percent of school districts receive some 80 percent of their funding from the state, while the richest 10 percent of districts receive only 10 percent of their funding from the state.


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