Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is unveiling "Agriculture-Friendly Oneida County," a municipal guide to planning for agriculture.

Picente was joined on Wednesday by other county officials and representatives from Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Oneida County Farm Bureau.

The guide will aid local towns in developing comprehensive plans and policies, establishing agricultural districts, receiving agricultural assessments and setting up land use regulations.

“Agriculture is the biggest industry in Oneida County and farmland protection is vital to its continued success,” Picente said. “Municipalities play a signi?cant role in protecting agricultural land and facilitating its usage. This Ag-Friendly municipal planning guide will put our towns in the position to best utilize their assets and we will be here every step of the way to assist them.”

The ag-friendly municipal planning guide is a part of the implementation of the 2017 Oneida County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan.

Starting today, it will be distributed to all county municipalities and is also available for view and download at and

Oneida County Executive's Office
Oneida County Executive's Office

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