You are more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease living in New York State than in most of the United States.

There's a big chance you'll end up with an STD living in the Big Apple.

New York State Has More STDs Than Most Of the United States

More STDs Found In New York State Than Most Of America

New York State nearly leads the nation when it comes to STDs. used data the most recent data available from the CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance to determine its rankings.

David Harvey, the Executive Director for the National Coalition of STD Directors told NY1 the STD situation in New York is "out of control."

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Best Ways To Prevent STDs In New York State


Hudson Valley Post researched the best ways to protect yourself from an STD, according to the CDC

The top way is to not have any sex.

"The surest way to protect yourself against STDs is to not have sex. That means not having any vaginal, anal, or oral sex (“abstinence”)," the CDC states.

If you do decide to have sex, you and your partner should get tested for STDs before and always use a condom.

"Make sure that you and your partner use a condom from start to finish every time you have oral, anal, or vaginal sex," the CDC adds.

Top 5 States In Terms Of STDs

Mississippi is the state with the most STDs per 100,000 residents, according to


1) Mississippi
2) Louisiana
3) Georgia
4) New York
5) South Carolina

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Bottom 5 States In Terms of STDs


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46) Idaho
47) Wyoming
48) Maine
49) New Hampshire
50) Vermont

Vermont was deemed the safest state in terms of STDs


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