Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri has announced a new plan to address problems with the city's aging roads and infrastructure.

Palmieri says the plan includes the use of two "Pot Hole Killers" to fill larger potholes.

Palmieri said, “I am aware of the City’s poor road conditions, and we are utilizing every resource we have to address this problem. Specifically, the City will be leasing two Pothole Killers and contracting for a Tack Machine, as well as, utilizing our
Hot Box.”

Palmieri says the city will also be appropriating CDBG funds for road paving in targeted areas.

Last month, the city announced its "Pothole Campaign", in which the Mayor directed all DPW personnel to fix potholes.  Palmieri says since that time, the DPW has fixed about 3,000 reported potholes and counting.

The Mayor is encouraging residents to use the Utica 311 app to report any potholes.

Jim Rondenelli, WIBX